Latta Nature Preserve

Latta Place

Latta Place is a historic house built around 1800 in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Mecklenburg County staff and community partners are pleased to announce the completion of the Latta Place Interpretive Master Plan.  Currently, our focus is on plan implementation including site improvements. We expect the site to reopen in 2026.  

In the meantime, Park and Recreation staff welcome inquiries related to the site.  Please reach out to Historic and Cultural Resources Manager Liz Morrell with any questions, comments or concerns.

Methodology Phases


We look to engage with three community events over a four-month process to implement in th e site's design. 


After hearing from the community, design of the site will be drafted and moved forward to start developing at Latta Place. 


County staff and the consultants hired will start developing the Latta Place site starting in Winter 2024/2025 until 2026. 

Mission Statement

Truth – Transparency – Compassion –Transformation – Unity

We believe it is our duty to tell the truth. We resolve to practice transparency in all that we do. We are dedicated to providing:

A transformational and engaging experience featuring holistic storytelling filled with truth and empathy.

An educational experience, giving voice to a multitude of historical perspectives.

A bridge between the past and present through historical interpretation.

An essential resource to the residents of the greater Charlotte/Mecklenburg community and beyond.

A visit that inspires self-examination and application of knowledge.

A hub for the promotion of historical research and peer-reviewed scholarship.

A welcome to all visitors with the intent of fostering dignity, while respecting the natural environment in which Latta Place is located.